family moments

I arrived in Wellington’s airport later than it was planned because there was a huge delay in the taking off part in Chch.

my Kiwi mom, Ali, came to pick me up.

I had only two nights to spend with my beautiful Kiwi family, and that made me feel very sad. I enjoy every moment with them, and besides, I was going to miss Jesse’s farewell party on Saturday…

since the last time I saw them, they moved to a big and beautiful house just two blocks from where they were staying. this house is owned by one of Ali’s coworkers, and she decided to lend them the house while theirs is being fixed.

so here they all fitted perfectly, everyone had their own room… even me…

the first night we had dinner all together in the lounge, then I showed them some of the photos I took in my travels, and then off to bed.

on Wednesday I had breakfast at home, cooked by my sister Tasarla.
after taking a shower I had a skype conversation with a friend of mine in Dublin (who happens to be a hairdresser), and he told me I needed a makeover… more like a fringe… so while skyping, he was directing me, and this is the result…


then, when everyone had left to do their chores, I went off as well to the Te Papa museum to see the Andy Warhol exhibition there… simply BRILLIANT!

after that I strolled around the city until, after lunchtime, I went to Ali’s office to meet up with her and have coffee.

sculpture by Weta Cave

sculpture by Weta Cave

I came back home to repack my stuff and get ready for dinner… this night: Tacos, at New Zealand’s best Mexican restaurant “Viva Mexico“.

if you are ever on the search for genuine (or closest to genuine) Mexican food in Wellington, “Viva Mexico” is the place! they have tacos, tortas (these are NOT cakes, as most Latin Americans call them), tamales… just beautiful food! they are located in two spots. the original on Left Bank (perpendicular to Cuba Street Mall), and another one in Newtown.

we all had dinner there (except for Jesse who was working), and we had a round of mezcal shots… then the owner gave us a round of tequila shots! so nice of him!


after this we went to a bar called The Library, which is a cocktail bar full of books… the whole environment is amazing…

and after that, we went back home… it was pretty late and I had to leave the house at 4am to get to the airport.

but of course, I didn’t sleep at all… with the shots of tequila and mezcal in my system, along with a couple of beers and a cocktail, I was bound to miss my flight… and that thought kept me awake.

Ali had offered me a ride to the airport (which I tried to refuse… 4 am is no fun for anyone), and she actually woke up before to take me there…she’s amazing!
I know my mom or dad would do the same back home, which is why I completely feel like part of this family… when you care for someone and that someone cares the same about you, that’s when you know… and I know that I will always be their Mexican daughter, and they will be my Kiwi family forever!

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