today I met beautiful Paul.
I think he’s one of the “osomest” persons I’ve ever met… a lesson in life, inspiration, a great message: NOTHING CAN EVER STOP YOU (yes, you… and me… and him)

Paul has travelled through Kenya, most of Europe, Australia, Jamaica, and now New Zealand.
in this occasion (I don’t know about the rest) Paul came to New Zealand to see the cricket matches where his home country, England, plays.
the first match is here in Wellington, then he goes to the second one in Auckland, and he ends his trip in Rotorua doing a little bit of outdoorsy activities.

the story of how I met Paul is not very exciting, but it sure is beautiful and it fills me with happiness and somehow with hope.

I was walking out of the Te Papa museum about to head left to go get something to eat when I saw him, struggling a little bit to find his way, but managing to get through, there was Paul… I offered him my services as a guide – though I had NO idea of how to move around the city – and he happily said yes, he told me that he had been kayaking in the morning and that he wanted to chill at a beach called Oriental Bay, and since I had to tell him that I was not a local (because obviously I had to ask for directions), we both found out about each other that we are traveling by ourselves in this beautiful country…

you see, Paul is blind, and there’s nothing in the world that stops him from traveling… he lays on the sand and feels the sun touch his face… he travels to SEE a cricket match… he goes kayaking and seeks outdoor activities… he moves and gets through, all by himself… he seems happy… I can’t even imagine what traveling is for him… and he does it, he travels and feels and smells and listens… he travels and lives, although he’s got a great disadvantage… he LIVES…
what is our excuse to not do the things we want in life?



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